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  > technical artist
  > xr developer
  > cinematographer

bits & bobs of my work

a vocal landscape
A Vocal Landscape premiere at Venice Biennale 2023
unreal animation
toon in UE
unreal engine + stable diffusion
character animation UE
bts irl cinematography
wonder dynamics
metro vertigo
AVL exhibit at MOOR + unity
at microsoft mixed reality studio
A Vocal Landscape bts
A Vocal Landscape look dev.
projection mapping / performance
Tuner AR concept art
volumetric AVL
depth recording + houdini
specular map + anamorphic volumetric shading
cinematography showreel


Omid Zarei is a multi-skilled technical artist on the quest to explore alternative ways of visual storytelling. With a background in VFX he completed his studies in cinematography and film production in Paris after which he has worked as cinematographer and produced realtime cinematic projects in a diverse range of platforms.His latest VR project won
and EPIC MegaGrant & VIFF Immersed special prize and premiered in Venice Biennale in 2023.

He has initiated, produced and led multi-disciplinary projects with the aim to open a space for team collaboration with visual artists, filmmakers, game devs, sound designers, performers as well as specialised XR artists.


all media copyright @ omid zarei 2023